Builder meeting with woman at new home under construction

Surety Corner: Featured Q&A – Joshua Strub of Margie Strub Construction Law

Author: Mathew Manol As noted in previous Surety Corner publications, contractors across Canada are facing a litany of challenges and obstacles to navigate. Whether it…

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Top Five Things to Know About Reclamation Bonds?

Author: Andrew Cartwright Reclamation bonds are required in various countries throughout the world to secure the closure and reclamation obligations of a mining operation. In…

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Surety Corner: 2021 Year In Review

Author: Mathew Manol 2021 was the year of the Ox, which is said to bring stability, calmness, great opportunity and economic prosperity. It would be…

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A Surety’s Perspective – Snow Clearing Contracts

Author: Jamie Collum As we enter the summer season, we look back and tip our hats to the contractors who were tasked once again this…

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CAIRP Insolvency Insurance Program

Inflation: Top Things Contractors Should be Considering in Today’s Environment

Author: Jamie Collum Inflation has been grabbing the headlines for the past several months. Pundits, economists and politicians have been debating whether our current inflationary…

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Surety Corner: Surety Royal Rumble at OGCA Symposium

Author: Andrew Cartwright Four surety industry leaders threw their hat’s in the ring at the 13th Ontario General Contractors Association Symposium in Collingwood this past…

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