Estate Bond Qualification & Approvals

Components of Surety Bonding Facility Letter

Whether you are reviewing your first surety facility, or are a seasoned purchaser of bonds reviewing their existing terms, the core of your surety terms…

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board room

D&O for Canadian Cannabis Companies

Author: Kyle Muscat In this article we will explain the basics of D&O insurance for Canadian cannabis companies. We will touch on how it’s priced,…

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Mature businessman shake hands with a younger colleague

Top 5 Things to Consider about Estate Administration Bonds

Author: Andrew Cartwright When an estate executor or lawyer is faced with an administration or guardianship bond require it can feel daunting. We often get…

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vape excise tax

Excise Duty Bond for Vaping Products in Canada

Author: Kyle Muscat As announced in the 2022 federal budget, the Canadian government has introduced a vaping excise duty tax that now requires all vaping…

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insure web3

Canadian Crypto & Blockchain Insurance Solutions

Author: Kyle Muscat The introduction of decentralized, blockchain-based technologies has been a catalyst of rapid innovation across nearly every industry.  It has challenged traditional economic…

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Corporate buildings

Directors & Officers Insurance for Private Equity Firms

Author: Kyle Muscat Private equity firms often view D&O coverage as an essential risk transfer mechanism used to insulate the firm and their executives from…

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