Surety Bond Requirements for MTO Contractors

Why You Should Replace Your Letter of Credit with a Surety Bond

It is a requirement of many businesses, big and small, to provide security to the government or other enterprises in the form of a Letter…

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Tarion Bonds for Condominium Projects

Bonding for Condominiums: The Process

Many of our readers inquire about what is involved throughout the life of a bonded condominium project. With this in mind, we have created a…

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What is Developer Surety?

What You Need to Know About the Recent Changes to the Construction Lien Act

On July 1, 2018 Ontario’s new Construction Act (Bill 142, the “Construction Act”) came into effect. The Construction Act is the most wide-ranging change of…

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man pouring concrete

Answers to 7 Financial Questions Contractors Ask About Bid and Performance Bonds

Being fully informed will help you feel confident throughout the bonding process, but there can be a lot to learn. We’ve compiled this list to…

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Surety and Performance Bond For Contractors

7 Surety and Performance Bond Questions We Get Asked By Contractors

Here are the 7 surety and performance bond questions our bond experts always get asked by contractors. We consolidated this list to keep you informed…

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Surety Bond for Cannabis

L302 Surety Bond for Cannabis

In anticipation of the legalization of recreation cannabis, the Government of Canada has officially released the cannabis excise duty requirement for cannabis licensed producers on…

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