Developer Surety for Subdivisions

Subdivision Bonds, also known as ‘site improvement’ or ‘subdivision improvement’ bonds provide protection to a local government, guaranteeing that the developer will complete improvements which…

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Is Your Surety Broker Prepared for Contract Surety E-Bonds?

“E-commerce” has become the buzzword of this century as businesses in every sector struggle to keep up with the rapidly changing technology available to help…

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Surety and Performance Bond Cost

In the construction industry, the difference between winning and losing a contract can come down to a fraction of a percent. Sometimes that difference can…

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Qualifying for Your First Contract Bond

As a surety bond broker, helping people establish their first bond facility can be a challenging, albeit rewarding process. Small and emerging contractor’s understanding of…

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Cross Border Surety Bonds

As a result of mass internet access and the growth of trustworthy multi-national banking institutions, Canadian contractors are more likely than ever to consider accepting…

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What are Performance Bonds and Bid Bonds?

If you are in the construction industry and are bidding larger projects, you likely have already run into a “bond” requirement. Bid Bonds and Performance…

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