Failure to Perform Insurance for Security Contractors

There are thousands of companies involved in the security industry throughout Canada. These companies diligently provide Canadians with the piece of mind that their homes…

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two construction workers reviewing drawings

How to Avoid Performance Bond Claims on Disputed Contracts

Despite the best intentions of contractors, consultants and project owners, disputes in construction remain quite common and are often unavoidable. Disputes most commonly arise due…

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Business coworkers working together at office

Insurance for Canadian Private Equity Firms

Now more than ever, Private Equity firms are recognizing the value of insurance carriers to address the exposures attendant to the complex environment in which…

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Shot of a group of businesspeople sitting together in a meeting

Employee Benefits – The Change

Bringing Peace Back to Your Benefit Decisions The world is changing, this is not new but the change is now a constant. There were years…

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Why Are My Insurance Premiums Rising?

What is a Hard Insurance Market? You’ve likely heard your insurance broker refer to the term “hard market” during renewal discussions, but what does this…

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Overview of the New CCDC 2 2020 Stipulated Price Contract

Overview of the New CCDC 2 2020 Stipulated Price Contract In December 2020, the Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) published an update to the CCDC…

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