man pouring concrete

The 4 Main Types of Construction Bonds Explained

Construction bonds are required by a variety of project owners when they are looking to build a construction asset or have a service performed. Construction…

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Prompt Payment: The Bonding Industry’s Biggest Secret

In 2018, the new Construction Lien Act in Ontario was introduced with the intent of modernizing the construction industry. Prompt Payment was included as part…

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What Contractors Should Consider Approaching Tax Season

Tax season can be an especially busy time of year for contractors. Right as winter begins to thaw contractors are ramping up for bidding season….

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Protecting your Rights: Form 31 Labor and Material Payment Bond

What is a Labour & Material Payment Bond? A Labour and Material Payment bond is issued in conjunction with a Performance Bond on construction projects….

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Becoming an Estate Executor When There is No Will

The Basics of Preparing an Application for Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee When becoming an executor of an estate without a Will, often times…

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Best Construction Surety Bond Practices at Tendering Stage

Best Surety Bond Practices at Tendering Stage The world has evolved tremendously over the past twenty years and the surety world is no different. In…

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