Construction workers and architects working on construction site

What should contractors be looking for in their surety bond broker?

Author: Mathew Manol As a contractor operating in any of the various construction spaces (whether commercial, residential, industrial, institutional or otherwise), choosing trusted partners throughout…

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A Construction Bond Company’s Perspective

Growing Your Business: A Construction Bond Company’s Perspective

Author: Jamie Collum A big focus of most successful businesses is growth. It’s often the name of the game. You have a profitable business, so…

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Shortage of Skilled Workers | FCA Insurance

Where Have All the Workers Gone?

Author: Mathew Manol In this second guest column for FCA Insurance Brokers, I’d like to discuss labor shortages. Not only has construction been impacted but…

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Things to Know About Insurance for Educational Institutions

Top Things to Know About Insurance for Educational Institutions

Author: Paul Smith Insurance for educational entities can be simple or complicated based on a number of factors. To start with the type of education…

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Surety Bonds For Architects & Engineers

Top 4 Things to Know About Surety Bonds

Author: Andrew Cartwright Being asked to provide a surety bond can be a daunting task. Often times those being asked to provide them might no…

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a young female steel erector marks off steel where she is about to drill

Supply Chain Challenges: What Went Wrong in the Construction Industry

Guest Blog By: Clive Thurston, Thurston Consulting Services I’m sure that like me, many of you have been following the numerous stories that have been…

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