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The spring 2019 OGCA magazine features FCA’s advice on sub-trade risk management strategies.
Find the whole article here.

In the construction industry, change is a constant. The different equipment needed throughout a job, the complex relationships between all parties, the urgent timelines and demands of project management all affect your insurance requirements.

At FCA, we have been providing insurance and surety programs to the construction and building industry for over 90 years. We have the expertise and resources to partner with construction firms of all sizes. We understand how your business operates and we work with you to manage coverage for constant change, keeping you protected.

With our exceptional relationships with Insurers, we can customize programs for all aspects of the construction industry, including special requirements for specific contract terms. We can evaluate existing insurance and make recommendations to provide stop-gap coverage. Through careful, regular contract and operations reviews, we help manage risk and, where possible, transfer it to responsible sub-trades.

FCA staff employs state-of-the-art tools to make project management as efficient and effective as possible. Our familiarity with proprietary forms and requirements for major public and private projects, including new trend to public-private partnerships, enables us to provide input with contract analysis and negotiation.

These professional resources allow you the peace of mind necessary to focus on the success of your own business.

Read our recent article in the Daily Construction News about Ontario’s new Construction Act.
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Surety Bonds

Whether you are experienced or a first-time buyer, FCA Insurance Brokers helps you obtain the surety bonds you require, in a professional and timely manner.

FCA Insurance has a dedicated, seasoned surety department, so you can depend on the expert underwriting experience of our senior team.

Our services include:

  • Surety bond facility review and recommendations
  • Surety rates and indemnity review
  • All Bonds issued in-house at FCA’s offices
  • E-bond issuance
  • International bond capabilities
  • Bond claim advice for contractors
  • Connections to our vast network of industry professionals

For further information, please visit our surety specific website – www.whatissurety.com

Or please contact:
Warren Griffiths
416.486.1421 ext 287

Architects & Engineers’ Professional Liability

For over thirty years, FCA Insurance Brokers’ specialized A&E practice has safeguarded the livelihoods of our professional clientele. Unfortunately, today litigation against professionals is increasingly common. Professional Liability coverage is now a business necessity, as without its protection, professionals can face crippling defence costs, whether or not they are actually liable for damages. And of course, if the plaintiff did win a judgement, the financial impact of an uninsured award on an individual and the firm would be devastating.

Consider as examples well-know Canadian events such as the building envelope claims in British Columbia or the bridge collapse in Quebec. All parties to such incidents – no matter how tenuous the connection – will be drawn in as defendants when clients or third parties choose to sue.

As professionals ourselves, at FCA Insurance Brokers. we understand the critical importance of Professional Liability protection and the fundamental peace of mind it brings. We act on our clients’ behalf to understand and assess the exposure to risk and place specialized coverage to offset it, with the most knowledgeable, reputable, responsive and financially secure Insurers.

For more information visit our Knowledgebase and Resources (pdf’s)