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For over thirty years, FCA Insurance Brokers’ specialized A&E practice has safeguarded the livelihoods of our professional clientele. Unfortunately, today litigation against professionals is increasingly common. Professional Liability coverage is now a business necessity, as without its protection, professionals can face crippling defence costs, whether or not they are actually liable for damages. And of course, if the plaintiff did win a judgement, the financial impact of an uninsured award on an individual and the firm would be devastating.

Consider as examples well-know Canadian events such as the building envelope claims in British Columbia or the bridge collapse in Quebec. All parties to such incidents – no matter how tenuous the connection – will be drawn in as defendants when clients or third parties choose to sue.

As professionals ourselves, at FCA Insurance Brokers. we understand the critical importance of Professional Liability protection and the fundamental peace of mind it brings. We act on our clients’ behalf to understand and assess the exposure to risk and place specialized coverage to offset it, with the most knowledgeable, reputable, responsive and financially secure Insurers.

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