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Corporate & Executive Risk

Beyond the sticks and mortar, outside the direct consequences of product or premises liability, corporations and their boards of directors can be vulnerable to a multitude of hazards: to lawsuits claiming damages for mismanagement, international threats, or allegations of misconduct.

It is important to review the combined risks facing your company, and select the insurance products that can best address your unique situation. These tailored policies are complex, and your FCA professional advisor will help you with the process of selecting your right solution.

Directors & Officers Liability

Individuals who serve on a corporation’s board, whether publicly traded, private or non-profit, are exposed, through the performance of their duties, to liabilities for which they can be held personally responsible.

Shareholders or business partners may allege financial mismanagement, or perhaps others may sue for damages, claiming the corporation has engaged in improper business practices with the knowledge of the board. Claims for damages resulting from conflicts of interest or corporate misrepresentation would not be covered by Commercial General Liability, and even if they are eventually proved to be untrue, the costs for legal defense can be crippling.

Directors & Officers Liability coverage can defend and indemnify your Directors and Officers, protecting the corporation’s key people from the possibility of personal financial loss.

At FCA, we partner with well-respected insurers to protect both your corporation and the personal interests of your Directors and Officers.

Employment Practices Liability

Litigation trends are spiraling upwards. Even the best employers now commonly face suits from employees claiming unfair employment practices such as discrimination, failure to promote, wrongful dismissal or sexual harassment. To protect your business, providing for defense costs can be just as critical as covering potential award amounts.

Your FCA advisors have access to Insurers specializing in this area, so you know that you and your business are protected by the proper coverage.

Fiduciary Liability

Employers or administrators acting on their behalf, who manage retirement or similar benefit plans for their employees, are required to perform that duty responsibly. Even with the best practices in place, however, companies are nevertheless always vulnerable to allegations and lawsuits.

Specially-designed policies can protect employers from crippling legal bills and the cost of errors, and so permit them to continue to provide these benefits and services to their personnel.

At FCA, we understand the complex liabilities and legal vulnerabilities faced by fiduciaries and know how to find solutions that work for you.

Fidelity & Crime Coverage

Shielding assets from deliberate dishonesty of others is an area of key concern to most organizations. Today, threats can come from anywhere, from inside your company to halfway around the world. And the potential for physical theft is only part of the story, now that crimes are committed so frequently in cyber-space.

Each company’s situation is unique, and you may also be responsible for protecting assets belonging to others. Your FCA specialist will help design the program that, paired with your vigilant security measures, can give you the greatest peace of mind.