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Insuring Business Liabilities

Your needs and priorities are the basis for your best insurance solution.

That’s why we offer a complementary review of your business to assess the best options for your business. Because every enterprise is unique, you need an insurance program that considers your specific risks and requirements, and responds to your goals and concerns.

You can rely on your FCA advisor’s skills and knowledge to design the right solution for your enterprise, now and for the future. Your FCA partnership secures an ongoing relationship with professionals who will be there as your operation grows and evolves.

Beyond fundamental property, liability and automobile coverage, our experts can advise you regarding specialized areas as:

Property Insurance to Value

Insuring your property to the full amount it would cost to replace it is the best protection in the event of a loss.

For property, this is not the same as a real estate value. It is what it would cost to rebuild the property as a priority project after a loss. Remember that usual economies of scale or scheduling are not available for a rush, unplanned reconstruction. Building materials may not be readily available and a premium must be paid to obtain necessary skilled workers. The builder will also incur expenses for clean up and demolition even before any re-construction can begin.

Some policies also include penalties if coverage amounts do not equal actual replacement costs. The best recommendation is always to insure to full value, to ensure there will be adequate protection whatever the degree of damage.

Your FCA broker can help you determine what the appropriate insurance amount should be, and can arrange with your Insurers for an evaluation of your property. If you are unsure of values to be covered, we can assist by arranging for appraisal by a professionally certified appraiser.

Cyber Liability

The use of these everyday technology could put your own network at risk and expose your business to lawsuits.   Storing information belonging to others on your computers, like credit records or sensitive financial details, puts you at risk for viruses and hackers – attacks and security breaches – compromised security, extortion threats or outright fraud. All vulnerabilities seldom protected by traditional insurance.   Your costs to manage breaches of security, including cost of notifying others whose privacy may have been compromised, could skyrocket.
You can also be held responsible for damage to others, including:

  • Disclosure Injury (Third Party affected by the unauthorized access of their private information contained within your computer systems)
  • Reputational Injury (Third Party disparaged or has their privacy violated due to cyber-activities)
  • Conduit Injury (A third party’s system is compromised by a successful cyber-attack against your system)
  • Content Injury (Violation of a third party’s intellectual property rights via your computer systems or internet properties)

Your FCA specialist can meet with you to discuss new products especially designed to address these risks, both internal and external. Together, you can review your technology liability needs and arrange protection against cyber liability risk.

Commercial General Liability

Does your insurance policy fit your business?

The security of your enterprise is at stake, but differences in policy language and conditions can make an enormous difference. You need assurance that all your stakeholders – including customers and unrelated third parties – are protected, by coverage that is the right size and shape.

Make sure that you get objective advice from someone who understands your business, who knows what the options and drawbacks are, and who, most importantly, is on your side

Your FCA advisor will help you review your own unique operations and arrange the protection that suits you.  And you have additional requirements, you can access the full range of specialized options with FCA..

Request a Certificate – For Existing Commercial FCA Customers

Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance, also known as E&O insurance, is critical to your business.

As a professional – whether medical practitioner, engineer, accountant, consultant, designer or financial adviser – you can be held responsible if financial losses result from the advice you provide.

General Liability insurance specifically does not cover this kind of activity. Specially-designed E & O policies are available that provide protection against claims as a result of an error or omission in your professional work.

FCA E&O specialists appreciate the substantial responsibilities you shoulder when dispensing professional advice and will ensure the protection for you and your clients is equally robust. Allow us to customize a professional liability insurance policy for you that is both affordable and effective.

Environmental Liability

If your business were held responsible for contaminating the environment (even for a small incidental occurrence), you could face large unexpected expenses not covered by your general liability policy.

Special coverage is now available to address the clean-up costs and associated legal expenses.

Pollution liability insurance protects you in two ways: when the pollution takes place on your property, or when you suffer losses resulting from pollution on somebody else’s property.

Even the most commonplace substances can be hazardous. If your everyday operations deal with materials that could be pollutants if released into the environment, pollution liability insurance is a useful and economically practical way of managing your risk.

Ask your FCA broker about customized coverage for your business.