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The use of these everyday technology could put your own network at risk and expose your business to lawsuits.   Storing information belonging to others on your computers, like credit records or sensitive financial details, puts you at risk for viruses and hackers – attacks and security breaches – compromised security, extortion threats or outright fraud. All vulnerabilities seldom protected by traditional insurance.   Your costs to manage breaches of security, including cost of notifying others whose privacy may have been compromised, could skyrocket.
You can also be held responsible for damage to others, including:

  • Disclosure Injury (Third Party affected by the unauthorized access of their private information contained within your computer systems)
  • Reputational Injury (Third Party disparaged or has their privacy violated due to cyber-activities)
  • Conduit Injury (A third party’s system is compromised by a successful cyber-attack against your system)
  • Content Injury (Violation of a third party’s intellectual property rights via your computer systems or internet properties)

Your FCA specialist can meet with you to discuss new products especially designed to address these risks, both internal and external. Together, you can review your technology liability needs and arrange protection against cyber liability risk.