No matter where you do business around the world, as an FCA client you will receive the same standards of service and protection on a global basis. You will have access to experienced, qualified professionals wherever you need them, worldwide.

You can rely on our years of experience working with other insurance professionals across the globe to ensure you have the right advice, the right knowledge, and the right resources, at your disposal.

Within Canada, FCA specialists are well-versed in the special requirements of organizations from outside the country, who need to protect their assets and operations here.
Download the Insuring in Canada PDF to learn more.

As founding members of GBN Worldwide, FCA‘s international capabilities are comprehensive. GBN members are exclusively reviewed and selected on a nation-by-nation basis. All partners must consistently fulfill requirements for professionalism, market capacity and support. This shared philosophy and accountability assures you of unfailingly excellent protection, wherever your business exposures exist.

See the FCA resource documents below for the most current information on cross-border placements in Canada.