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Your unique manufacturing processes pose unique risks.

No two production facilities are the same, and not all Insurers are equipped to understand, let alone protect, complex operations. Your business reality includes factors like concentrations of flammable materials, sophisticated, custom machinery, high-pressure processes, and close regulation.

FCA knows the Insurers who will be the right match, though. Your risk management strategy can balance your exposures against a consultative partnership with a choice of specialized Insurers who get your environment.  

Your FCA advisor is the key coordinator of those relationships, supervising and continuously refreshing them to include new possibilities as technology, and your exposures, develop.

Product Recall & Expense Mitigation

Recently, there seems to be media coverage of a product Recall every month.

Could your company survive a product Recall?

Could you recover from the financial loss and the damage to your reputation?

Not only must problematic products be retrieved and disposed of, but swift action must be taken, with professional guidance, to minimize the longer term reputational damage to the parent organization. There are specialized policies to facilitate this process and to defray the potentially crippling extra expenses that result.

At FCA, we specialize in arranging the enhanced coverages needed by businesses such as consumer goods and food manufacturers or processors, who are particularly vulnerable to this type of risk.

Machinery Breakdown

In a manufacturing situation, the machinery used for production processes is mission critical, and the consequences of an equipment failure can be substantial.

Many property policies do not cover damages resulting from machinery or electrical breakdown, or from explosions of boilers or other large pressurized containers. Where damage from these causes could occur, separate protection needs to be arranged.

At FCA, our manufacturing specialists can arrange the best coverage for your business to protect against such an event.

Products Long-Tail Liabilities

Years after a manufacturer has ceased operations, products may remain in use.

Even though regular liability coverage will have ended, shouldn’t both the user, and the manufacturer, continue to be protected from possible later damage or injuries?

All parties can benefit from the security of long-tail insurance which FCA professionals are well qualified to arrange.