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FCA Benefits

Have you changed the way you are thinking about your employees benefits?    Your Employees Have!

Benefits are a critical means to attract and retain the highest quality employees.  BUT – they are no longer considered to be a stand alone product in a silo.  Instead, they are just one piece of a Total Compensation Package

Your employees look at their Total Compensation, which includes:

  • Salary
  • EI, CPP, WSIB and other payroll contributions
  • Traditional Health and Dental Benefits
  • Pension
  • Bonuses
  • Perks and Lifestyle factors
  • Access to enhanced programs:  Wellness, Second Opinion, Employee Assistance Programs

How do you ensure that the compensation you offer stands up to the competition?  FCAB consultants can help.

A standard FCAB feasibility study  will  give you not only an up-front expense analysis, but also a customized plan design review including benchmark and trend comparisons, and an analysis of funding level options.

Working with a wide array of partners , FCAB also provides access to the freedom of  Third Party Administrator resources and HR tools, including an HRIS system which is fully scalable and 100% cloud-based to easily automate many of your HR tasks.

Products and Services

Some of your possible options include:

Term Assurance:
Premiums have dropped considerably in recent years.
We can invariably improve on the pricing of your current policy. Why not ask us for a quotation?

Mortgage Insurance:
Very often, bank mortgage insurance plans are expensive and include unfavourable conditions. Speak to us about the alternatives, and you’ll be convinced.

Tax-Advantages Universal Life:
This product contradicts the traditional inflexibility of life policies. See how you can obtain the best in life assurance, together with tax-deferred investments.

Critical Illness:
This exciting product is ideal for self-employed and single people.
Find out how it shields you from the economic catastrophe of a serious illness, protecting your standard of living and possibly funding out-of country medical care.

On a generally tax-free basis, this policy protects your income. It can be used to safeguard you and your family throughout your entire working life.
Ask us for details!

Long-Term Care:
This plan relieves the burden from family members and guards against the loss of assets. You can fund chronic care at home or in an institution.
Ask us for details!

Employee Key Benefits:
FCA can offer innovative, great-value solutions for your company’s Group Insurance plan, surveying all the best Insurers and rates.

Key Person:
In the event of the death or disability of a named ‘key’ figure, your corporation or business will be protected against the resulting losses.

In addition, talk to us about: Mutual Funds, RRSPs and RESPs Retirement Compensation Arrangements Personal Tax and Financial Planning

Travel Insurance

Confidence, Convenience and Choice: Travel Insurance plans available through FCA Financial give you all three.

Options allow you to design coverage to fit your travel itinerary:

  • Annual Multi-trip or single-trip plans
  • Travel covered within Canada or around the world
  • Up to $5 million emergency medical coverage
  • Family and individual rates
  • 24/7 toll-free, multi-lingual claims assistance

Choose an all-inclusive package or selected solutions for your needs:

  • Travel Medical
  • Trip Cancellation / Trip Interruption
  • Baggage
  • Visitors to Canada Hospital / Medical