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FCA’s Group Benefits Plans

Benefits are a critical means to attract and retain the highest quality employees.  BUT – they are no longer considered to be a stand-alone product in a silo.  Instead, they are just one piece of a Total Compensation Package.

A Total Compensation Package includes:

  • Salary
  • EI, CPP, WSIB and other payroll contributions
  • Traditional Health and Dental Benefits
  • Pension
  • Bonuses
  • Perks and Lifestyle factors
  • Access to enhanced programs: Wellness, Second Opinion, Employee Assistance Programs

How do you ensure that the compensation you offer stands up to the competition?  FCA Benefits consultants can help.

A standard FCA Benefits feasibility study will give you not only an up-front expense analysis, but also a customized plan design review including benchmark and trend comparisons, and an analysis of funding level options.


Employee Benefits Insurance

When surveyed, 70% of employees answered that they would choose a job with benefits versus a higher paying job without benefits. Attract and maintain the best employees for your company when you offer an FCA Benefits package.

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Pension Plans

A pension plan is a registered savings vehicle and is commonly referred to as an RPP. An RPP provides mandatory tax-sheltered growth for employees and is dedicated to providing a retirement income for them.

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Group RRSP

Offering a GRRSP means setting a corporate philosophy to help employees save. This will help attract and maintain quality talent as employees are less likely to leave a company when they have access to a strong benefit and savings program.

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Our mission is to make benefits accessible. We put you in control of your benefits experience. FCA informs and empowers you, so you can choose amongst robust options, confident in the value of your benefits package and in the broad reach of your advocates.

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