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Are you the legal guardian of property and have been asked to provide a surety bond?

If that’s your situation, you need what is known as a guardianship bond and we can help. In order to qualify for a guardianship bond, we will need some basic information that you will likely already have. The process starts with a quick conversation with one of our brokers.

Have you been told you don’t qualify or has it been weeks with no results?

Don’t worry, this is a common issue that people face. The reality is that almost 100% of estate bonds can be approved with different measures put in place by the bond company. Guardianship bonds are often misunderstood by brokers who don’t specialize and this can be frustrating and tedious. Our brokers specialize in estate related surety bonds, and we have an in-house program to help get your guardianship bond approved regardless of the complexities to your situation.

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What is needed to Apply for an Estate Administration Bond?

  • Copy of the Management Plan

When someone is applying to be the legal guardian of property, a management plan outlining how you will handle the affairs of the incompetent or minor is required. Since the bond guarantees that you will fulfill your duties as guardian, it’s important the bond company sees the management plan which outlines these duties.

  • Correspondence Requesting the Bond

When you are required to obtain a guardianship bond to handle someone’s affairs, a government body will be the one requesting it. Depending on your situation, these government entities include the court, the public guardian and trustee, or the Office of the Children’s Lawyer.

  • Personal Net Worth Statement

A summary of the guardian’s personal assets and debts such as real estate, mortgages, investments, bank loans etc. We will provide you with a simple template to complete.

  • Guardianship Bond Application

This application provides some basic information about the guardian and the guardianship that will be useful in understanding your unique situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With most bond companies, guardianship bonds are typically billed on an annual basis with a typical rate of 0.5% per year. For guardianships that are expected to last for multiple years, this can become quite expensive. In these situations, our practice is to issue a flat rate which depends on the age and condition of the incompetent or minor. This flat rate typically is much more economical than an annual rate of 0.5% which could be for an indefinite period.

FCA has excellent relationships with surety bond markets and underwriters. This allows us to expedite any urgent requests. Once the required documentation is provided we can provide bond approvals within 24-48 hours.

The guardianship bond guarantees that the guardian manages the property of the minor or incapable person according to the accepted management plan. It’s a form of bond to protect the property of the minor or incapable.

A guardian needs a guardianship for various reasons. If someone becomes incapacitated and they haven’t named a power of attorney for property, the court may require the proposed guardian to obtain a bond. In instances where a minor has been left sums of money from a deceased estate, it may be deemed that the guardian obtain a guardianship bond to protect that minors portion until they come of age.

As a long-standing surety brokerage we have excellent working relationships with all of the surety companies currently operating in Canada. Our key partners include:

  • Intact
  • The Guarantee Company of Canada (GCNA)
  • Trisura Guarantee
  • Aviva
  • Travelers
  • Northbridge
  • Zurich
  • Western Surety
  • Economical
  • The Hartford
  • CNA
  • Liberty

We know these companies well and understand their underwriting philosophies and principles. This is very important as no two sureties are alike. By understanding the appetites of each company, we are able to place our clients with the right surety partner. This ensures not only excellent terms but also a long-standing relationship that supports the growth and flexibility that our contactors demand.

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I required a bond to take over an estate. FCA Insurance was amazing to deal with. Chris Dardarian provided outstanding service, he kept me updated and informed throughout the entire ordeal. He was quick to return my calls and emails and was extremely knowledgeable. The experience was a lot smoother than what I initially anticipated would be a lengthy and stressful process. I would highly recommend FCA to anyone reading this.


My wife needed to obtain a surety bond as part of the process of gaining guardianship for her father. Neither of us were sure of what to do. We contacted FCA, and were connected to Chris. He was very responsive (in the middle of the first wave of the pandemic), and walked us through what we needed to provide. When it came time to finalize the bond, he was definitely on our side. He pushed hard for the best/lowest fee possible so that we could minimize the impact on my wife’s father’s finances. Furthermore, he and the team at FCA made it very easy to finalize the paperwork and obtain the bond. I would highly recommend FCA.


I required a bond to take over an estate requested by the court. FCA Insurance has been amazing to deal with. Chris Dardarian offered impeccable service, was quick to answer all my questions and was extremely knowledgeable. It’s great to deal with such a professional team. They turned what I thought was going to be a long stressful process into a breeze. I couldn’t be more impressed.


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