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What is needed to apply for a Performance Bond?


  • Contractor’s Questionnaire

    A short form to be completed providing background on the company such as legal name, address, ownership details, previous job experience and so on.

  • Financial Statements

    The most recently prepared year-end financial statements for your company including a balance sheet and income statement.

  • Personal Net Worth Statement

    A summary of the owner(s) personal assets and debts apart from the business such as real estate, mortgages, cash in hand, bank loans, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking a performance bond can cost anywhere from 0.5% to 1.5% of the awarded contract price inclusive of HST. Where the cost ultimately sits in this range depends on the amount of coverage the owner is requiring. Usually this is either 50% of the contract price or 100% of the contract price. The higher level of coverage requested the greater the cost. Warranty timelines will also impact the cost of a Performance Bond.

To determine pricing for a Contractor a surety company will evaluate the 3 C’s of Surety when looking at your application for a performance bond facility. These are character, capital and capacity. The more comfortable a surety company is with your business, its owners and the financial strength the lower the rate can go.

The amount of premium generated through your performance bond facility will also have an impact. Contractors who generate a lot of bond premium can expect lower rates than infrequent users of bonds.

Lastly, the duration of the contract can impact the cost. Rates are generally provided for a one-year period. If durations are in excess of 12 months then an additional premium may be charged. Surety companies may have special ratings for larger, long term projects so make sure you discuss with your surety broker to ensure you are receiving the best price.

FCA has excellent relationships with the surety markets and underwriters. This allows us to expedite any urgent requests. Once the required documentation is provided by you we can provide Performance Bond approvals within 24-48 hours.

Performance bonds are different from insurance in one critical way. With insurance, the insurance company provides your business with a policy, if your business experiences one of the perils in your insurance policy the insurance company will provide you with compensation.

With a performance bond the coverage is provided to the project owner (also called the Obligee). If the project owner makes a valid claim against your performance bond and the surety is forced to pay a claim, they will then look to your business to recover those losses.

At FCA Surety, we know that every company starts somewhere. If you are a new company or a smaller construction firm targeting jobs under $1,000,000 and have been told you don’t qualify for bonding, the FCA FirstBond™ for New and Emerging Contractors program might be perfect for you.

FirstBond™ is a quick and easy solution for new and emerging contractors across Canada who are looking to establish their first facility.

The program is an excellent opportunity for contractors to establish their first relationship with the surety, build a portfolio of bonded work and build their knowledge of how construction surety works.

When you establish your surety facility with your broker you will be provided a single job limit and an aggregate limit. An aggregate limit is the total cost to complete of all of your outstanding work at any given point in time. You will also be provided with your surety bond rates for any performance and labor and material payment bonds you require and will also be charged an annual surety fee.

Bonding Facility Example:

  • Single Contract Limit: $1,000,000
  • Aggregate Contract Limit: $5,000,000

It is important to note that these limits are guidelines but are never set in stone as contractors require flexibility with their limits to ensure they can properly service their clients and grow their business.

As a long-standing surety brokerage we have excellent working relationships with all of the surety companies currently operating in Canada. Our key partners include:

  • Intact
  • The Guarantee Company of Canada (GCNA)
  • Trisura Guarantee
  • Aviva
  • Travelers
  • Northbridge
  • Zurich
  • Western Surety
  • Economical
  • The Hartford
  • CNA
  • Liberty

We know these companies well and understand their underwriting philosophies and principles. This is very important as no two sureties are alike. By understanding the appetites of each company, we are able to place our clients with the right surety partner. This ensures not only excellent terms but also a long-standing relationship that supports the growth and flexibility that our contactors demand.

Do you need a Bid Bond or Surety Consent?

FCA Surety specializes in all types of construction bonds. By choosing FCA Surety you will have access to the following construction bonds:

  • Tender Stage Bonds
    • Surety Pre-qualification Letters
    • Bid Bonds
    • Agreement to Bond Documents & Surety Consent Letters
  • Construction Bonds 
    • Performance Bonds (50% or 100%)
    • Labour & Material Payment Bonds (50% or 100%)

Lien bonds are also available for FCA bonded contractors.

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Our organization has been working with FCA Surety Bonds and Insurance for over 2 years. The team, led by Jamie Collum and Warren Griffiths, exceeds expectation in service, responsiveness and construction knowledge. Our business needs often demand last minute bonding, and we have never been disappointed by FCA. Always going above and beyond to deliver the right solution in a seamless and effortless manner. We highly recommend FCA for all construction insurance needs.


After 6 years in business, our construction company was asked to provide bonding for 3 very important projects that were awarded to us. We had no idea where to start as bonding was something totally unknow to our organization. A quick search online, and let me say, we couldn’t have found a better company to assist us…. FCA! Andrew and his team were quick to explain the intricacies of bonding, all the requirements including processes. They took their time to clearly explain and educate us on all that is bonding. They were patient and they took the time to walk us through the necessary steps to get us started and set up. These days, it is rare to recieve this level of support. I highly recommend FCA!


FCA is one of the best companies we have had the pleasure of working with so far. Very professional, fast and always on time. Looking forward to continue working with them.


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