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Personal Property Insurance to Value

It is important to take care with the amount of insurance you choose for your home.

Other coverage amounts on your policy, such as the allocation for contents, are also usually proportioned to the building amount. Taking the time to understand how your coverage works can help you make sure the things you value are adequately covered, starting with the correct replacement cost for your home.

This number is not the same as the real estate value – it is what it would cost to rebuild your home, as a single, priority project, after a loss. Remember that usual economies of scale or scheduling are not available for a rush, unplanned reconstruction. Building materials may not be readily available and premiums will have to be paid to obtain necessary skilled workers. The builder will also in-cure expenses for clean up and demolition even before any re-construction can begin.

Your FCA broker can help you determine what the appropriate insurance amount should be to ensure that everything you value is adequately covered. They will work with you, using the current information about your home, to find the most accurate number. Also, they can assist you in arranging for Insurers or an independent appraiser to evaluate your property.

Residential Home / Cottage / Condo

Your home is your castle. And whether it’s a Residential Home, Cottage or a Condo, it’s one of your most valuable assets. And it needs to be protected accordingly.

With changes in weather patterns, water damage claims, such as major sewer back-up losses, are becoming more and more common. Aging infrastructure of our municipal systems can also contribute to the problem. There are measures that homeowners can take, however, to reduce potential water damage losses, such as the installation of back-up valves and humidity alarms.

Condominiums are similar to homes, but also need extra specifically-designed protections for condo unit owners to cover your share of potential assessments for damage to common areas or your unit itself.

Wherever your home, there are a number of things your FCA advisor can help you with, to protect its security:

  • Deciding the correct amount of insurance to protect your valued possessions
  • Evaluating different kinds of coverage available
  • Choosing an Insurance company that suits your needs
  • Advising you of new options, like Identity Theft or Legal Expense coverage, available to enhance your protection


While automobile policies are government-regulated and are therefore largely standardized, your policy should still be tailored to your own needs with appropriate limits, deductibles, and discounts.

Your options for your Ontario Auto protection are changing effective June 1, 2016.  Click here for more details, and speak to your FCA advisor to find out how to best protect yourself and your family.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you have workplace benefits or Group Insurance in place to cover extra medical expenses from an auto accident? What are the limitations? You might want to consider Medical, Rehabilitation and Attendant Care options.
  • Do you have children or elderly parents depending on you for their care? If you were incapacitated, even for a short period, how would you ensure their care? Caregiver or Dependant Care Benefits may be for you.
  • If you were temporarily injured in an accident, how would you manage to care for your home? Housekeeping and Home Maintenance expenses can be extended.
  • Do you have long term disability coverage? Could you manage financially on $1600 a month? There are options to increase your Income Replacement Benefit

Recreational & Collectibles

It can be hard to obtain adequate coverage for a motorcycle, holiday trailer or personal watercraft, and sometimes just as challenging to find an insurance advisor who knows about the kinds of property you collect and treasure.

One-of-a-kind antique boats can also pose particular challenges, remembering that marine insurance is a unique and distinct kind of protection. FCA professionals have the expertise to secure full, affordable protection for you, so you can enjoy your recreational items, in complete security.

Your precious fine arts, jewelry or collectibles deserve exceptional care. We know where to find the most appropriate – and affordable – enhanced protection for your personal treasures.

Separate rented properties also need special attention, to ensure that you have protected not only your assets, but also the income that you enjoy from them. As a landlord, too, you have additional potential legal liabilities, which should be included in your insurance coverage. With the assistance of FCA Insurance Brokers’ specialized advisors, you will know you have secured your investments safely.

Private Client Services

Our Private Client brokers understand you and the lifestyle that your success has given you. We pay attention to the details, and have the insurance insight and expertise you require. Because of our extensive history and relationships with highly specialized insurers, we can negotiate on your behalf with underwriters to provide the outcomes you require, with policies that discount insurers and programs simply can’t match. With our concierge-style service,you receive protection designed around your lifestyle, your needs and risks. Our expert personal risk management ensures that exceptional coverage is paired with proper risk retention, mitigation and transfer techniques to construct a uniquely powerful and effective solution just for you.