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Tackling a legal dispute is a daunting and time-consuming prospect, whether you win or lose. Seeking professional advice is critical, yet the high costs of consulting lawyers or seeking advice can discourage you from pursuing or defending your legal rights.

That’s where legal expense insurance (LEI) can help. LEI is a unique product that helps individuals defend or pursue legal action if they have a dispute with another party. With the LEI coverage, policyholders have access to legal advice and guidance, plus the security of knowing the costs of pursuing legal action will be covered.

Among the different options available to meet consumers’ needs are:

DASdrive: Designed to support you when legal conflicts arise from the use or ownership of an automobile, including:

  • Automobile-related legal defence e.g. for traffic tickets
  • Accident fault-determination & total loss valuation disputes
  • Obtaining Statutory Accident Benefits from your automobile insurer
  • Lease and service contract disputes, legal advice and MORE…

DASliving: Legal advice, assistance, and cost coverage for individuals and families for many common legal problems, including:

  • Employment disputes
  • Consumer contract disputes
  • Bodily injury and employee legal defence
  • Property and tax protection, legal advice and MORE …