Greg Purkis – Private Client Account Executive

I get it you have a million other things going on in your life, all far more pressing in your mind right now than deciding between insurance options. So I step in and take care of it for you, like a personal concierge for all your insurance needs. Sometimes you want to understand the underlying details, but most of the time you simply want to tell me what you need and have it done. Solving your problems and simplifying your insurance is what I do.

It really is that simple.

I have a deep understanding of the personal risk management process, its’ principles, and the particular requirements of affluent clients and their unique risks. That’s why I get results where other brokers fail to find a solution. The bigger the problem, the deeper I dig. I directly de al directly with our senior underwriters and management at specialty insurers to obtain quick results and positive outcomes for my clients.

Throughout my career I have taken an active interest in not only developing my abilities and knowledge, but in promoting education and excellence to others in the field. I have taught various advanced insurance courses through the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario and have spoken by invitation to underwriting and management staff at leading global insurance carriers.

You don’t find insurance riveting, but I do. Don’t you think we should talk?


Greg Purkis, BSc, RHU, CAIB, CPIB, CRM
Contact Greg Purkis:
416-486-6521 direct