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Recreation and Collectibles

It can be hard to obtain adequate coverage for a motorcycle, holiday trailer or personal watercraft, and sometimes just as challenging to find an insurance advisor who knows about the kinds of property you collect and treasure.

One-of-a-kind antique boats can also pose particular challenges, remembering that marine insurance is a unique and distinct kind of protection. FCA professionals have the expertise to secure full, affordable protection for you, so you can enjoy your recreational items, in complete security.

Your precious fine arts, jewelry or collectibles deserve exceptional care. We know where to find the most appropriate – and affordable – enhanced protection for your personal treasures.

Separate rented properties also need special attention, to ensure that you have protected not only your assets, but also the income that you enjoy from them. As a landlord, too, you have additional potential legal liabilities, which should be included in your insurance coverage. With the assistance of FCA Insurance Brokers’ specialized advisors, you will know you have secured your investments safely.