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Your home is your castle. And whether it’s a Residential Home, Cottage or a Condo, it’s one of your most valuable assets. And it needs to be protected accordingly.

With changes in weather patterns, water damage claims, such as major sewer back-up losses, are becoming more and more common. Aging infrastructure of our municipal systems can also contribute to the problem. There are measures that homeowners can take, however, to reduce potential water damage losses, such as the installation of back-up valves and humidity alarms.

Condominiums are similar to homes, but also need extra specifically-designed protections for condo unit owners to cover your share of potential assessments for damage to common areas or your unit itself.

Wherever your home, there are a number of things your FCA advisor can help you with, to protect its security:

  • Deciding the correct amount of insurance to protect your valued possessions
  • Evaluating different kinds of coverage available
  • Choosing an Insurance company that suits your needs
  • Advising you of new options, like Identity Theft or Legal Expense coverage, available to enhance your protection