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International Students


Canada is the destination of choice for the many international post-secondary students. More than 350,000 international students arrive annually to attend university or college. Most international students come to study in Ontario, Quebec or British Columbia. The international student population at Canadian universities or colleges grew by 92 per cent between 2008 and 2015, with no signs of slowing down.

As an international student, when you arrive in your new city or town, you will probably be looking for off-campus rental housing.


Off-campus landlords want a financial guarantee that they will receive all monthly rents in accordance with the lease. Landlords are entitled to collect first and last month’s rent in advance and to ask that a guarantor (usually a parent or guardian) co-sign your lease.

However –  most often an international student’s guarantor is out of the country and no resident guarantor available – creating difficulties and uncertainty for the landlord.  They may refuse to rent to you as an international student, or sometimes they may attempt to  charge numerous months’ rent in advance.  This is not a legal approach in Ontario as it contravenes the Landlord and Tenant Act and can create undue financial and legal concerns for both parties.  How do you solve this problem?


The domestic lease guarantee for foreign students is a new product developed by FCA Insurance and Trisura Guarantee to ensure uninterrupted rental income and eliminate the need for an individual lease guarantor, by providing proof of financial responsibility.

Here is a sample agreement to show your landlord.

The premium cost to the tenant is 3 per cent of the annual rent.  Payment can be made by credit card.

It’s simple and convenient.  Complete the questions here at the right, and follow the steps to purchase your guarantee.  A copy of the lease guarantee document will be automatically forwarded to both you and your landlord.

To further add to the security for all parties you will have the option to purchase contents and liability insurance for your new home in the same convenient and affordable process.

Landlords will have security against rent interruption backed by a secure Canadian financial institution in concert with FCA Insurance Brokers, who have been developing innovative insurance solutions since 1919.   With further questions, please contact  students@fcainsurance.com