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Surety Bonds for Contractors, Developers, Estate Administrators and More

FCA Surety offers a dedicated team of Construction Surety professionals to serve your needs. With over eighty years of combined experience, we have the expertise, resources, and dedication to partner with construction firms of all sizes.

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Bid Bonds & Other Tender Bonds

Bid Bonds, Surety Consent Letters, Agreements to Bond and Surety Prequalification Letters are types of construction tender bonds are often required at the tender stage for public and private owners.

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Performance Bonds

Performance bonds are types of surety bonds issued by a surety company that guarantee the satisfactory completion of a project by a contractor. Performance bonds are now mandatory on all public contracts valued at over $500,000 in Ontario.

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Labour & Material Payment Bonds

Labour & Material Payment bonds are a type of surety bond that is used to guarantee that subcontractors and suppliers are paid for the works and materials they supply on a project. These bonds are now mandatory on all public contracts valued at over $500,000 in Ontario.

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FirstBond for New Contractors

FCA has developed a quick and easy bonding solution for contractors that are new to bonding across Canada. The program offers same-day approvals for bonding facilities for tenders and awarded contracts up to a $1M in value.

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Construction Lien Bonds

A construction lien is a claim made against a property by a contractor or subcontractor who has not been paid for works done on that property. A lien bond may be requested by a contractor in order to remove a construction lien placed by a subcontractor.

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Developer Surety Bonds

With condominium construction booming in the GTA and across Canada, there is more competition than ever for your business. FCA maintains longstanding relationships with all of the leading developer surety markets in Canada ensuring the best rates and overall terms for your next project.

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Tarion Marketing & Warranty Bonds

Tarion Marketing & Warranty Bonds are surety bonds that are posted to the Tarion Warranty Corporation to satisfy the security  obligations as required by condominium developers in Ontario.

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Deposit Financing Insurance

Condominium Deposit Insurance provides residential condominium developers access to purchasers’ deposits as a source of project financing. This insurance is also known as Deposit Financing.

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Site Agreement & Subdivision Bonds

A type of surety bond used by Developers to meet their security obligations under a Sub Division Development Agreement. This bond guarantees the completion and adherence to the underlying subdivision development agreement.

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Other Bonds

Administration Surety Bonds

An administration bond provides assurance that an estate will be handled ethically and legally, and assets will be distributed according to the wishes of the deceased.

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License & Permit Surety Bonds

It is often required that businesses post a surety bond to the respective government agency. These bonds guarantee that a business will be operated in accordance with the terms of the license or permit.

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Customs Surety Bonds

A customs bond is required to be posted to the CBSA by customs brokers and/or importers. These bonds ensure that all the duties and fees associated importing goods into Canada are paid.

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Freight Broker Surety Bonds

The Freight Broker Bond, also known as a BMC 84 bond, is a $75,000 USD license surety bond. This bond is required by all Freight Brokers operating in the USA and is posted to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

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Our industry-leading team boasts seven full time dedicated surety professionals with a combined 80+ years of experience.


Chris Dardarian and FCA were great to work with! They provided timely and comprehensive advice and a product that suited our needs. Our situation was complicated by COVID but the transaction was handled efficiently.

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My wife needed to obtain a surety bond as part of the process of gaining guardianship for her father. Neither of us were sure of what to do. We contacted FCA and were connected to Chris Dardarian. He was very responsive (in the middle of the first wave of the pandemic), and walked us through what we needed to provide.


Exceptional client service from Jamie. Was able to assist us with a unique issue and was always very responsive.


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