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What are Customs Bonds?

The CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) requires customs brokers, importers and businesses temporarily removing goods from Canada to post bonds with them to guarantee payment of duties and taxes. In addition, the CBSA requires that certain businesses operating in segments of the import/export business to post license bonds in Canada guaranteeing they perform the duties of those specific licenses.

CARM (CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management)

CBSA recently established CARM to look into modernizing the collection of duties and taxes for goods imported into Canada. As part of this process they are looking to move to a model more similar to that used in the United States. Currently, customs brokers can lodge a bond with the CBSA to cover payment of duties and taxes for their importers. Once CARM is finalized, each individual importer into Canada will require its own bond.

This is a significant shift for how business is being done and customs brokers are looking at ways to make this process easy for their importer clients.

If you are looking for a solution for your importer clients ahead of the CARM implementation, please reach out to FCA. Together, with our commercial surety partners we have access to a number of solutions including digital solutions that allow the customs broker or importer to apply for these bonds, pay by credit card and renew these bonds all on an online platform. Depending on how many importers you work with, these online solutions can be customized and branded to meet the specific workflows of your business.

Types of Customs Bonds

Release of Good Prior to Payment of Duties – Customs Brokers (also called a Form D-120 Bond)

Customs brokers that obtain the release of their goods prior to payment of duties require a release of goods prior to payment of duties (Customs Brokers) Bond.

Release of Goods Prior to Payment of Duties – Importers

Importers into Canada that require a release of their goods prior to payment of taxes and are not currently under a customs broker bond require their own release of goods prior to payment of duties (Importer) bond.

Customs Broker License

Licensed customs brokers operating in Canada require a Customs Broker License and Permit Bond.

Non-Resident GST/HST Bonds

Non-resident persons and businesses registered for a Canadian Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) account require a Non-Resident GST/HST Bond.

Temporary Importation of Goods (Customs Brokers)

Customs brokers that import goods to Canada on a temporary basis duty-free under the Temporary Importation (Tariff Item No. 9993.00.00) Regulations require a Temporary Importation of Goods (Customs Broker) Bond

Temporary Importation of Goods (Importer Direct)

Importers other than customs brokers that import goods to Canada on a temporary basis duty-free under the Temporary Importation (Tariff Item No. 9993.00.00) Regulations require a Temporary Importation of Goods (Importer Direct) Bond.

Air Carrier Bonds

Bonded air carriers can apply to the Customs Self Assessment (CSA) program, whereas non-bonded air carriers cannot.

Customs Bonded Warehouse

Customs bonded warehouse operators participating in the Canadian Customs Bonded Warehouse Program require a Customs Bonded Warehouse Bond.

Customs Sufferance Warehouses

Licensed customs sufferance warehouse operators in Canada require a Customs Sufferance Warehouse Bond.

Carnet Bonds

A Carnet Bond is required when goods are exported to a foreign country with an ATA Carnet for later re-exporting back to Canada. This can be purchased for a single trip of a blanket for all exports within one year.

Freight Forwarders

Bonded freight forwarders can transport in-bond goods between points in Canada (including between sufferance warehouses), whereas non-bonded freight forwarders cannot.

Your Customs & Carnet Bond Experts

FCA has been providing Canadian companies with surety bonds in Canada since 1919. We have set the industry standard for turnaround time for both new and existing clients. We pride ourselves in ensuring our clients never miss out on an opportunity.


Almost any business can require a customs bond. Customs brokers, importers operating in a variety of industries who are bringing goods into Canada or an orchestra who is taking equipment out of Canada temporarily for a show in a foreign country. Each of these businesses require a bond. The common theme is each operation is moving goods either in or out of Canada.

Rates for customs bonds can vary widely depending on the type of bond required. License bonds can go as low as $375 for small bonds. Larger release of goods bonds can go anywhere from 0.5% to 1.5% of the bond value.

For small customs bonds, the surety is typically doing a very simple application process and no financials are required. Once bonds reach values between $50,000 – $100,000, surety companies will start to request financial statements as part of their underwriting process.

As noted, for small customs bonds these can typically be done online and require basic information about the applicant including:

  • Address
  • Contact Information
  • Years in Business
  • Prior History of Bankruptcy or Poor Credit

These bonds can typically be secured same day. For larger bonds, they will look at the above items and will also do a more in-depth review of an applicant’s financial statements to ensure creditworthiness. They will also sometimes ask for copies of the statement of account to confirm the payment of duties and taxes are current.

Your FCA Advisor can quickly walk you through the process and will explain any requirements for your specific business need.

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