FCA's Most Frequently Asked Questions

FCA Insurance Brokers has their head office in Toronto, Ontario. We also have offices in Port Carling and Pickering. From these offices we service clients across Canada.


Yes, FCA provides a full suite of commercial insurance offerings for our clients. Given the in-depth knowledge we gain of a business by providing the surety offering, it puts us in a unique position to work on and understand our clients commercial insurance requirements. In over 80% of cases when we provide the surety product to a client we also provide them with their commercial insurance solutions.

FCA is a proudly Canadian privately owned company that has been around since 1919. We believe in today’s marketplace, being a fully independent, private company allows us to put our clients needs first.

Because of FCA’s specialization in surety bonds we have strong relationships with the key Canadian and International surety markets. Not only do we have meaningful relationships but we maintain significant volume with these markets ensuring that we remain relevant and can secure preferred terms for our clients.

FCA has the depth of expertise, specialization, and reputation that allows us to provide a higher level of service for our clients. We believe that good business is built on relationships and that to manage a successful surety program having a strong relationship with your broker and surety company is critical.

FCA has power of attorney for all of our surety markets which ensures that we can issue bonds from our office meaning you get the speedy service you deserve.

If you have any questions or want to discuss any surety requirements you have you can reach out by phone at 1-844-241-5656 or by e-mail at surety@fcainsurance.com.

FCA is a surety expert, we provide solutions in construction, development, estate administration, customs and transportation, license and permit and lost instruments just to name a few.

Yes, all of our constructions clients have access to e-bonding. E-bonding, also commonly referred to as digital bonds, is being used more and more frequently by purchasers of construction including many municipalities, school boards and hospitals. E-bonding simply means that the construction purchaser will accept a digitally verified pdf copy of the bond rather than requiring a hard paper copy. For now, e-bonding is usually only accepted at the tender stage but we are beginning to see e-bonds be accepted for contract bonds (performance and labour and material payment bonds) as well and we expect this trend to continue. For e-bonding we use the Xenex Signature Masters platform or the Mobile Bonds platform. Both are trusted e-bonding providers.